SVI is the handbag brand that offers world-class handbags made of 100% genuine leather and
handcrafted using a combination of traditional and latest techniques.


Srivathsa Industries was established in 1970 as a Tannery and Export House specializing in vegetable-tanned goat and sheep skins. It is a family business, and the family has been in the leather industry since 1927, spanning 3 generations in the manufacture and export of leather and leather products for global markets. During the first 20 years of its existence, Srivathsa Industries was engaged in tanning. Subsequently, for the next 30 years, Srivathsa Industries has been weaving leather. Srivathsa Industries has been manufacturing high-quality ladies’ handbags for the last 20 years. Srivathsa Industries is headed by its CEO, Mr. Prakash Venkatesan. He possesses deep insights into the world of fashion and international trade, having been in business for over 30 years and having traveled extensively around the world to visit customers, suppliers, and participate in numerous trade fairs and exhibitions. With a post-graduate degree from the USA, he has extensive experience in design, development, sourcing, and the manufacture of high-quality leather and leather products to global standards.



To be the premier sustainable manufacturerof woven leather products in the world



To design and develop unique
and innovative sustainable woven leather products



To reach a capacity to produce 1,000,000sustainable woven leather products by 2025



Having commenced its operation in tanning in the early years, Srivathsa Industries possesses deep insight into various leather raw materials, origins, and tanning processes such as Vegetable, Mineral, and Mixed tannages. This enables the company to identify the right leathers for various products. Srivathsa Industries has strong technical capabilities and experience in preparing artisanal leather laces for weaving, including hand-dyeing, inking, staining, beveling, forming, brushing, polishing, waxing, and washing.

Srivathsa Industries has acquired specialized know-how in designing, developing, and manufacturing unique woven leathers using a variety of techniques, leathers, and materials, and is a recognized global leader in this sector. An extensive library of collections built up over the years is made available to customers.

Srivathsa Industries additional capabilities include assembly of bags, out of complex textures such as loom-woven leather as well as hand-woven, hand-braided, hand-knotted, and on-the-mold constructions. Srivathsa Industries has a structured and ongoing development program whereby the latest trends in fashion and materials are made available to the in-house development team, which works on it further to provide trendy options for buyers to select for their projects.


At Srivathsa Industries, quality starts with design and is built into sourcing and manufacturing. It is further monitored throughout the manufacturing process and controlled at the finished product stage. All leathers, materials, and accessories used in manufacturing are tested for compliance with international standards. Srivathsa Industries has a very experienced team for design, leather, and material sourcing and manufacturing. Srivathsa Industries products are manufactured in-house using state-of-the-art equipment in the sector, employing time-tested techniques. Srivathsa Industries places great importance on timely execution of people, raw materials, equipment, and finance. Efficient supply-chain management and strong vendor development practices support this process.

Srivathsa Industries produces two full collections every year, for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, including colors, textures, and shapes. Srivathsa Industries makes these available to customers and collaborates with customers’ design teams to identify and develop customized products for their brands. Srivathsa Industries is deeply committed to intellectual property, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability in its operations, for the benefit of all stakeholders, including suppliers, employees, customers, the community, and society.



Production Manager

Mr. Ramesh, with 13 years of dedicated service to the company, possesses great expertise in the technical aspects of constructing leather accessories and goods. His proficiency in understanding designs and skillfully planning samples is commendable.

Banu Madhanrajan 

Production Coordinator

For 25 years, Mrs. Banu has been an integral member of our family, playing a crucial role in maintaining smooth operations and ensuring the timely delivery of our premium products. Her remarkable attention to detail in leather and weaving has made a significant impact, and her consistent punctuality in executing orders has been exceptional.

Charlotte Mary Sagayam 

Sales Manager 

Mrs. Charlotte Sagayam has been a dedicated member of our team for 19 years and has successfull spearheaded sales strategies. With an unwavering passion for craftsmanship and a keen eye for emerging trends, she possesses the skills to drive exponential growth and forge lasting partnerships


Production Manager

Mr ponnuvel is the most senior employee, who has been a valued part of our family for 31 years, possesses unparalleled expertise in leather technical knowledge and the dyeing process. His exceptional skills in these areas have consistently contributed to maintaining the highest quality standards.


Leather technician

Mr. Vasanth, with 23 years of experience, has been an integral part of our team for generations. His profound expertise in leather technical knowledge is unmatched, and his curiosity about exploring new material sourcing is commendable.